P.A.T.H. is a series of classes, designed to help you grow into 
Fully Devoted Followers Of Christ!

Partnership  - Class 10
Advancement - Class 201
Teamwork - Class 301
Harvest - Class 401

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Email: [email protected]

Join Us For Class 101 - Partnership!

Saturday, July 17th 9am - 12Noon
(Lunch will be served)

All current Partners and those who want to be Partners must attend. 

The purpose of this class is to provide information about The Gate Christian Bible Church – our strategy,
our statements, and our structure. In this class the student will learn some basic knowledge about
God’s church and what it means to be a Partner with the One Anothers in his church.
We will also discuss what it means to be saved and how to become a Fully Devoted Follower of Christ.
At the end of the class, you will be given an opportunity to become a Partner of the Gate Christian Bible Church.