"Finding Hope In Suffering"
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Finding Hope in Suffering: What can we Learn from the Pandemic?  
(A study through the Book of Job)
A year has come and gone since the world was shut down because of the pandemic. What have we learned?
Why does God allow suffering? Why do bad things happen to good people?
We can learn the answers to these questions from the Book of Job.

Job is described as a righteous man, yet he suffered immensely. He lost his family, his livelihood, and his health.
What can the New Testament believer learn from an Old Testament man? 
Join me as we find ourselves in Job’s story of suffering, restoration, and hope.

"New Beginnings"
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Are you ready to move on from COVID and start over?  God offers New Beginnings!
Join us on Easter Sunday to hear the Good News that
can help you and your family begin again!  
With special guests John Osborn and Lynette Tapia!

Recent Sermon Series!
The Build-Up To Easter

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While no one can be exactly sure of the ministry timeline of the last three weeks of Jesus’ life,
one can know that his journey toward Jerusalem was one of struggle and destiny.

In this three-week sermon series, we will look at Luke chapters 18-24 to find what was most
important to Jesus on his journey to the cross and ultimately his resurrection.

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