Pastor Sam Lewis

I am Pastor Sam Lewis, the Family Pastor at The Gate Christian Bible Church.
Thank you for visiting us!  Let me share with you  our vision for families.

Like most Americans and most churches, we have been in a difficult season
for the past year. We have not had a place to meet or conduct ministries
and have been present primarily online.

We are excited now to have a place to build resources for families to grow!
On your first visit, I will meet with you personally, show you our meeting rooms,
and introduce you to our Pastor, our church family, and our Kid's leaders.
I would love to  share with you in more detail how The Gate Christian Bible Church and The City Gate Community Center can revolutionize the life of your family.  Please let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to  reach out to me at Pastor Sam Lewis

Our Desire Is To Empower Families 
To Be Everything God Designed Them To Be!

We want fathers and mothers to be the primary educators of their children.
We want to give them the resources and training to do that.
Studies show that 88% of the children of evangelical families in America
will not be following Christ by the end of their first year of college.
We want to change that statistic and we think we know how to do it.